Kapdaa- The Offcut Company -

How We Make Your Accessories

These notebooks and accessories are helping society move towards sustainability and foster the concept of upcycling. How?

All raw materials – including the paper, board, and padding – are ethically sourced, supporting local and family businesses, from the moment the offcuts leave our office in London until the notebook arrives in your hands.

Traditional book binding that combines the use of thread and ISO certified, environment friendly adhesives, as well as hand sewing are used to create luxury notebooks and accessories while continuing to support craftsmanship and artisans in India. Custom, hand screen printing methods are also used. All of the printing in notebook is done with completely natural ink made from soot developed by Neha Rao, a student from University of the Arts in London. In creating and packaging these notebooks, the amount of plastic and waste materials is reduced by using muslin bags which are also individually printed with ‘#everypiecematters’ in soot ink. Keep the muslin bag for everyday use and spread the message of sustainability!

In an effort to be fully transparent in our production process we have a number of videos for you! Take a minute to watch and learn more about how your notebooks are made.

Let’s start your sustainable journey together!