Blackpop A5 Notebook- Blue and green

Blackpop A5 Notebook- Blue and green

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Traditionally hand-bound, ethical and definitely sustainable notebook. Cover made with colorful and distinctive wallpaper offcuts from Blackpop.

Since the notebooks are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.

Paper colour: Luxurious cream

Paper type: Plain and ruled mix

Packaging: Muslin bag

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Blackpop: Wallpaper, Fabric and Furniture with Added Edge

Blackpop is an independent British label specialising in designing elegantly distressed wallpaper, fabric and upholstered furniture for the luxury market. Manufactured in the UK, Blackpop is proud of its artisan heritage and its roots in the heart of the industrious Midlands. Based in Derbyshire, Blackpop cares passionately about the the quality of their products. They are committed to using the skill set and experience of local printers and crafts people – just like Kapdaa. All of our sustainable notebooks and accessories are handcrafted in India by local artisans, bookbinders, and screen printers.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14.8 × 2 cm

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