Malhia Kent A5 Notebook- Purple and Black Tweed

Malhia Kent A5 Notebook- Purple and Black Tweed

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Traditionally hand-bound, ethical and definitely sustainable notebook. Cover made with colourful and vibrant woven offcuts from Malhia Kent (France).


Since the notebooks are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.


Paper colour: Luxurious cream

Paper type: Plain and ruled mix

Packaging: Muslin bag


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Malhia Kent

Malhia Kent designs, develops, creates, and manufactures fabric for the Apparel, Home furnishings and Accessories industries that are 100% made in France. Among their customers are the most prestigious international designers. Malhia Kent is recognized for its boldness, creativity and flexibility. Malhia Kent flawlessly combines modern materials with traditional weaving techniques emphasizing craftsmanship and quality. Similarly, at Kapdaa we foster production techniques that allow for artisans to utilize their skills. Each accessory and notebook is handbound and screen printed by craftsman, and covered in beautiful french fabrics; the final sustainable product stands out in quality and design.

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Dimensions 21 × 14.8 × 2 cm

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